How to integrate with Windows Terminal

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If you are on Windows and you want to use Windows Terminal, Multipass can integrate with it to offer you an automatic primary profile.

Multipass profile

Currently, Multipass can add a profile to Windows Terminal for the primary instance. When you open a Windows Terminal tab with this profile, the primary instance is automatically shelled into. Multipass automatically starts it or launches it if necessary.

Install Windows Terminal

The first step is to install Windows Terminal. Once you have it along Multipass, you can enable the integration.

Enable integration

Open a terminal (Windows Terminal or any other) and enable the integration with the following command:

multipass set

The setting is documented here for more info. Until you modify it, Multipass will try to add the profile if it finds it missing. To remove the profile see Revert below.

Open a Multipass tab

You can now open a “Multipass” tab to get a shell in the primary instance. That can be achieved by clicking the new-tab drop-down and selecting the Multipass profile:

That’s it!


If you want to disable the profile again, you can do so with:

multipass set

Multipass will then remove the profile if it exists.

Let us know how this worked for you and what you’d like to see next!

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