About Performance

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When considering performance with Multipass, there are two aspects that need to be accounted for: 1) the Multipass instance and 2) the host machine. There are many factors that can affect the performance of the instance and the host. To ensure the best performance of both areas, careful consideration should be given.

Host System


The CPU speed and the number of cores and threads should be taken into account when provisioning a Multipass instance. Also, the number of instances that will be running simultaneously should be considered. The more cores allocated to an instance and the number of running instances will greatly impact processes running on the host machine itself. As general guidance, at least two threads should not be allocated to running instance. Of course, there are other factors in various host machines that can greatly affect how well they perform when there are running Multipass instances.

Memory Usage

The amount of memory allocated to instances can also greatly impact the host system. Care should be taken to not overallocate memory for running Multipass instances. This can cause the host to appear slower than normal or become unresponsive. It is recommended to keep at least 4GB of memory available for the host, but this also depends on the workload of the host itself, so more memory may be necessary.

Multipass Instances


The number of CPUs allocated to a Multipass instance has a direct impact on the performance of the instance itself. Generally, the more CPUs allocated, the more potential for better performance in the instance. This depends heavily on the workload intended for instance.


As with cores, the amount of memory allocated to a Multipass instance will also have a direct on its performance. This is also dependent on the intended workload of instance with more memory intensive workloads having much bigger gains in performance when more memory is present in the instance.

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