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See also: Command-line interface, GUI client, Instance, Use Multipass remotely

In Multipass, the service refers to the Multipass server that clients connect to and controls and manages Multipass instances. This can also be referred to as the ‘daemon’. Multipass daemon (multipassd) runs in the background and it processes the requests from the Multipass command-line interface, GUI client, daemon is also in charge of the lifecycle of the Instances. The separation between the client (CLI or GUI) and daemon is a popular architecture because of his advantage, flexibility. For instance, the daemon process can be on a different machine from the client, see Use Multipass remotely for more details.

The automatic start of the daemon process is triggered right after the Multipass installation. After that, it is also set up to start automatically at system boot. This setup ensures not only that Multipass client can immediately interact with the instances without the manual launch of the daemon, but also restores any persistent instances of Multipass after a system restart.

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