How to use a different terminal from the system icon

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If you want, you can change the terminal application used by the Multipass system menu icon.

Currently available only for macOS

In order to do this, you need to tell macOS which terminal to use for the .command file type. This document presents two ways of achieving this.

Using duti

duti is a small helper application that can modify the default application preferences. It’s also available from brew.

Find out your preferred terminal’s bundle identifier using mdls:

$ mdls /Applications/ | grep BundleIdentifier
kMDItemCFBundleIdentifier              = "com.googlecode.iterm2"

And make it the default for script files using duti:

$ duti -s com.googlecode.iTerm2 shell

Using Finder

Create an empty file with a .command extension and find it in Finder. Select the file and press ⌘I. You should be presented with an information pane like this:


Expand the “Open with:” section, select your preferred terminal application and click on “Change All…”.

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