`multipass snapshot` command

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See also: restore, list, info, delete

The multipass snapshot command takes a snapshot of an instance:

$ multipass snapshot maximal-stag
Snapshot taken: maximal-stag.snapshot1

The snapshot will record all the information that is required to later restore the instance to the same state. For the time being, the snapshot command can only operate on Stopped instances.

You have the option to specify a snapshot name using the --name option, following the same format as the instance name format. If you don’t specify a name, the snapshot will be named “snapshotN”, where N is the total number of snapshots that were ever taken of that instance. You can also add an optional comment with --comment. Both of these properties can be later modified with the set command, via the snapshot settings keys documented in Settings.

The full multipass help snapshot output explains the available options:

$ multipass help snapshot
Usage: multipass snapshot [options] instance
Take a snapshot of an instance that can later be restored to recover the current state.

  -h, --help                   Displays help on commandline options
  -v, --verbose                Increase logging verbosity. Repeat the 'v' in
                               the short option for more detail. Maximum
                               verbosity is obtained with 4 (or more) v's, i.e.
  -n, --name <name>            An optional name for the snapshot, subject to
                               the same validity rules as instance names (see
                               `help launch`). Default: "snapshotN", where N is
                               one plus the number of snapshots that were ever
                               taken for <instance>.
  --comment, -c, -m <comment>  An optional free comment to associate with the
                               snapshot. (Hint: quote the text to avoid spaces
                               being parsed by your shell)

  instance                     The instance to take a snapshot of.

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