Instance states

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See also: Multipass CLI commands

Instances in Multipass can be in a number of different states:

State Description
Running The instance is currently running and is ready to be used.
Stopped The instance has been intentionally stopped and is not currently consuming resources. It can be started when needed.
Deleted The instance has been marked for deletion. The instance can either be recovered or purged.
Starting The instance is in the process of being started up and initialized. It will transition to the Running state once fully started.
Restarting The instance is undergoing a restart. This involves stopping the instance and then starting it again.
Delayed shutdown The instance has been sent a shutdown signal and will be stopped after a specified delay. This allows for any ongoing processes to be completed before shutdown.
Suspending This instance is in the process of being suspended. The instance’s state and memory will be saved, allowing it to be resumed from where it left off.
Suspended The instance has been suspended, meaning its state and memory have been saved. It can be resumed from this state to continue its operation.
Unknown The state of the instance cannot be determined or retrieved. This might occur due to unexpected errors or issues with Multipass.

These instance states reflect the various stages an instance can be in while using Multipass. Instances in different states can accept different commands. See Multipass CLI commands for more information on which commands can be used and when.

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