`multipass list` command

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See also: info, launch, snapshot

The multipass list command lists available instances or snapshots. With no options, it presents a generic view of instances, with some of their properties:

$ multipass list
Name                    State             IPv4             Release
primary                 SUSPENDED         --               Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
calm-squirrel           RUNNING     Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

You can also call it with the --snapshots flag to get an overview of available snapshots:

$ multipass list --snapshots
Instance        Snapshot    Parent      Comment
calm-squirrel   snapshot1   --          --
calm-squirrel   snapshot3   snapshot1   Before restoring snapshot2

The list command will truncate long snapshot comments, as well as those containing newlines. You can use info to view them in full.

Finally, you can use the --format option to get machine-readable output (CSV, JSON, or YAML). For example:

$ multipass list --format yaml
  - state: SUSPENDED
      - ""
    release: 18.04 LTS
  - state: RUNNING
    release: 16.04 LTS

The full multipass help list output explains the available options:

$ multipass help list
Usage: multipass list [options]
List all instances or snapshots which have been created.

  -h, --help         Displays help on commandline options
  -v, --verbose      Increase logging verbosity. Repeat the 'v' in the short
                     option for more detail. Maximum verbosity is obtained with
                     4 (or more) v's, i.e. -vvvv.
  --snapshots        List all available snapshots
  --format <format>  Output list in the requested format.
                     Valid formats are: table (default), json, csv and yaml

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